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5 tips to keep your Adwords campaign performing at its best

All too often when we look at a prospective client’s Adwords account, it’s clear that they have adopted the dreaded ‘Set & Forget’ Adwords campaign strategy. It looks like this: come up with a bunch of keywords, cobble together some ad copy, set a daily budget and sit back and wait for the enquiries to come rolling in. Worryingly, this isn’t just the case with internally run campaigns – so called ‘specialist’, outsourced Adwords agencies are also guilty of it too! Adwords is an extremely effective tool for delivering highly targeted traffic to your website. If you’re in the business of selling ‘widgets’ in Hertfordshire, Adwords can help you attract a visitor to your ‘widgets’ page who just googled ‘widgets for sale in Hertfordshire.’ Beautiful! Ev

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