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A Club Wembley membership is the key to unlocking a glittering array of top class football, sports and entertainment at one of the world’s most iconic and historic venues. At the heart of a Club Wembley membership is the unique and unforgettable atmosphere of a big Wembley occasion. The opportunity; when legends are created and heroes born, to say: “I was there”. It’s also about gaining access to exclusive events with heroes from the modern game and a specially chosen network of influential brands. It’s about rubbing shoulders with like-minded people, with shared dreams and similar passions. Above all, a Club Wembley membership is about thrills, drama and living life to the full.

Results include:

Over 50 projects completed including prospect and client emails, website captions and body copy, product descriptions and tone of voice illustrations
New Club Wembley memberships continue to meet their sales target with some categories approaching sell out.


Club Wembley


Design and Copywriting,


August 21, 2019


Head of Club Wembley

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