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Copywriting – stick to the rules

There’s at least a couple of our team members who would claim to be decent copywriters. People who understand some key rules, such as:
Write for your audience
Avoid overlong sentences
Have structure
Be human – show some personality
Edit and Edit again
Thoroughly proof…

Clients even pay us to do this. So, its with some risk that I make the following confession, albeit in my volunteer capacity as Chairman of Tring Park Cricket Club.

Like all cricket clubs we rely heavily on the goodwill of sponsors and at the end of the season, it is only right and proper that I should convey a sincere thank you for their generous support.

However, when doing so, it’s probably not a great idea to start the correspondence: Dear Fiends…..

Yes, it’s a true story and fortunately one that our sponsors noted with characteristic good humour. Within seconds I got my my first reply:
‘Fiend’ is a bit harsh.
But I will try and improve my behaviour!

It’s a good job I don’t work in marketing…was my reply. Note to myself, stick to the rules, even when writing thank you notes on holiday!

My unintended gaffe, prompted me to dig out some other classic copy errors that make us all smile. Here are a few, courtesy of

Spotted on a prescription label:
Take one capsule by mouth nightly 3 hours before ded

A real office sign!
Executive Bored Room

Cleanliness in the workplace taken to new heights:
Employees must wash hands before living

The English teacher advert:
You can speak soon and write like a graduate college if me let you help for a day of 15 minutes

The ironic thank you card:
Your the best teacher ever



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November 6, 2019


Nick Wake

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