Solving marketing challenges for small to mid-sized businesses
Marketing Consultancy
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Marketing Consultancy

Between us, we’ve got well over 100 years of client and agency side experience of marketing. What makes us a little different from other agencies is that we don’t only practice, we teach too..

If you’re looking for people that help you solve problems, rather than simply selling you services, talk to us.

Strategy Development

Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes can be enormously helpful. What’s happening in your market place, where are you positioned, what is your proposition, who are you selling do, how do you best go to market? Questions, we can help you with – either short term or ongoing.

Customer and Employee Feedback

Facilitating customer, partner and employee feedback through simple questionnaire design, development and reporting is right up our street. Often this is nothing a client can’t do for themselves, but we can often refine or simple save time.

Interim Marketing Management

A low risk way of bridging the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. Or simply to fill a hole caused by maternity leave or sabbatical.  Subject to timing, we may be able to help you ourselves, or if we can’t, we may recommend someone suitable from our network who can.

Market Research

Sometimes more in depth research is required before strategy can be developed. We partner with trusted experts who share our passion for delivering the insight you need to move your business plan forward.

Process and Talent Review

Are you contemplating your next step in terms of systems, processes or people? We’ll happily assist with this review and help you make the decisions that will take your business to the next level.

Marketing Team Development

Emergenetics Profiling is a fantastic tool for helping team members, understand how they and their colleagues are wired to approach the world, in terms of thinking and behaviour.