Solving marketing challenges for small to mid-sized businesses
Design & Copywriting

Design & Copywriting

The difference between a good campaign and a great campaign can often lie with creative execution.

We love coming up with creative ideas and turning them into compelling executions – on and offline – that cut through the noise and grab your audience’s attention.


The Awaken team has had the privilege of working with some of the world’s biggest brands in retail, hospitality and leisure. We use that knowledge to help new businesses create a brand identity and voice that will support their desired positioning and existing brands to re-energise and create fresh relevance for today’s world.

UX Design

Using UX prototypes, we detail the user experience, interactions, site architecture and page templates, before moving onto design.
Our UX experts and designers are experienced in responsive websites, ecommerce and transactional websites, as well as web and native apps.

Digital and Graphic Design

At Awaken we always strive for a balance of creative flair and practical execution. It’s about taking a great creative idea, relevant for the brand and applying across different media, from print to digital – across all devices.

Photography and Videography

Stock shots have their place, but nothing beats original photography. Tim Gill is a vastly experienced photographer. He’s also an expert in moving image too and has produced some great client work for numerous Awaken clients including World of Golf and Maindec.


We love writing great copy. What does this mean? Well, it’s using the right words, in the right order, using the appropriate channel, to tell the story you want to tell to your customers, in a way that resonates and moves them.

Script Writing
Bring your corporate film or video to life with well crafted words that work with the moving image.

Blogging and thought leadership
No one knows your business better than you do, but you’re also very busy! Let us get inside your business and your head and we’ll crack out the content you need to keep you on the radar of those you want to do business with.