The power of PR

Guy Martin SpikeSomething very exciting happened a week ago last Sunday as a consequence of a PR opportunity superbly executed by the Airkix Indoor Skydiving team in Manchester.

Back in May, the team took a call from the production company behind Guy Martin’s Channel 4 programme speed. Fast forward to November 9 and Guy Martin is seen visiting Airkix in Manchester as part of his preparation for a Hovercraft speed challenge, where he gets to understand the importance of weight distribution and body control in a high speed environment.

Normally it is extremely difficult to draw a straight line between PR and direct business. Instead you invest in PR on the basis that it makes it’s contribution to sales in the very first part of the buying cycle – awareness. During Guy Martin’s Channel 4 progamme Speed, Airkix marched straight from awareness through interest, desire and action in the space of three minutes.

12,000 additional sessions on the website were recorded in the 24 hours from when the programme aired versus the same period last year. Most of these occurred while the programme was showing. The incremental revenue impact is estimated to be around 20k, with over one hundred bookings taking place on the sofa via smartphones or tablets, while the programme was still airing. Given the experience is normally a ‘considered’ purchase, this is some acceleration of the buying process!

Thanks Graham. Please come back.

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