Technology in sport: a ray of hope for the game of golf?

Technology in sport

Pretty much since we began our business, Awaken Communications has been helping a driving range business in New Malden, in its quest to make the sport of golf more open, accessible and appealing. At times it must feel like pushing marbles up hill with a rake. Social trends have not moved in golf’s favour. Nor have the the multitude of stakeholders involved in the administration of the sport done anything significant to innovate, or to change a general image surrounding golf that puts off many young people and women from taking up the game.

With clever use of technology, there is a chink of light in south west London. The video we’ve just produced aims to capture the drama, excitement and great fun that you can now have at the World of Golf London driving range.

More fun, better results sums up what Protracer is all about. Everyone and anyone is welcome to give it a go. How you play is up to you. Get scientific with your shot analysis, play target golf for points, or even play a virtual round of golf…in less than an hour. Alone or with friends.

Now that’s a sporting activity for the modern age.

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