New Prospects

University marketingOne of the realities of getting older is that every now again it dawns on you that you have unwittingly become a prospect for a new type of organisation. One that wasn’t on your radar before. In my case, it was this year’s Christmas cards from universities that gave it away. Yes, in September 2015 my first born will be making her way to a new part of the country to embark on the most privileged three to four years of her life. Apparently I and my wife are part of the DMU (Decision Making Unit) though in reality, as those who know my daughter would confirm, there’s only one person who will be deciding where she spends her final years as teenager.

Nevertheless it’s interesting to compare how further education marketing has changed since I were a lad. The brochures are glossier, the visit days more organised, the points of differentiation better emphasised and the websites….well, there are now websites. There are incentives, in terms of fee reductions for making universities ‘first choice’ and there are Christmas cards. They are big and glossy too. In fact, come to think of it, they were better than the ones sent out by Awaken Communications!

And the marketing differences aren’t just about the promotion. Student accommodation these days it seems, is largely en suite. Yes, my daughter is substituting the hotel of home for the hotel of college!

All right for some. Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and comfortable 2015

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