A new brand name for English Sparkling wine

My marketing brain kicked in over the weekend when I read an interesting article in the paper about the onward march of English sparkling wine. Now I have to say, the fizzy stuff has always been a little wasted on me. Don’t get me wrong – I love my wine. Just preferably red or, on a hot summer’s day, a glass of New Zealand sauvignon blanc will do just nicely. Probably more than one glass if the truth be told.  However, if any arm of the wine industry needs some marketing inspiration, then I’m more than willing to lend a hand.

And it appears that maybe it does. Nicholas Coates, co-owner of the Coates Seeley vinyard in Hampshire has suggested that the only thing holding English sparkling wine back from global dominance is the creation of a generic brand. English sparkling wine, he argues, just doesn’t trip off the tongue in the same way that champagne or prosecco does. It’s a fair point isn’t it? From a purely practical perspective I’m sure my wife is a good example of the many folk who will order a glass of prosecco over English sparkling wine a) because it sound a little more fashionable and b) more importantly, you can say it quicker – hence, logic says, you should get it quicker!

This is a challenge Awaken-Communications is only too happy to rise to. And the answer it seems to us, is so blindingly obvious that we want to lay out there before anyone else does. The thinking process (for which we would like to charge the English Sparkling Wine industry the princely sum of….diddly squat….though any samples are gratefully accepted) is as follows:

You have to admit it’s genius, right? British, sparkling, practical and fun. Extensive market research (my wife again…) has revealed that the target audience for English Sparking Wine will have no problem uttering the following phrase in this country’s….and indeed the world’s finest wine bars:

“I’d like a glass of brizz please”. And that is a sure sign of success. Over to you Mr Coates.

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