Approaching logo design

Logo Design

” Mess with the logo at your peril” was one of the earliest marketing lessons I learned. Logos are precious things – arguably the most recognizable feature of any brand. Once created, they tend to go through occasional evolution rather than frequent change.

So when you get the chance to create a brand new identity, both from a marketing and a design perspective, it’s an exciting brief. This was the case when The Great Escape Company recently invited Awaken Communications to design a logo that would re-position the company as specialists in personal development for corporate companies, centered around team based challenges and problem solving, which take place largely outdoors. It was a marketplace that they were growing into gradually from a base business of school summer camps. However their existing logo did little or nothing to help them with this new positioning.

The Great Escape Company logoThe rules for logo design are fairly straightforward: keep it simple, keep it balanced, sketch out some ideas first, no more than three colours, practical use of typography, flexibility so that it can work in different contexts and, if you can achieve it without compromising the other rules, try to convey something about the brand in your composition.

Taadaah! There’s always an element of subjectivity when it comes to logo design, but we think we nailed this one. More importantly, so does the client.

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