Go Girls Go!

wpid-sport_england_this_girl_can1Congratulations to Sport England on their groundbreaking marketing campaign ‘This Girl Can’, which does a great job of addressing a key issue that stops women getting active: a fear of being judged. To parody a line from the campaign – it kicks where it hurts – but in a good way! This is why we think it’s so good:

  • It’s refreshingly honest. All the women featured are typical, everyday shapes and sizes. There’s no vain promise of a perfect body. Instead it’s all about a much more attainable goal for the vast majority of people: a positive attitude and the great feeling that comes from breaking sweat. The message couldn’t be clearer or more compelling.
  • The execution is perfect. It’s about attitude with attitude. While the women may not look ice cool, the the editing is slick, the timing perfect and Missy Elliott’s brazen “Get Ur Freak On” oozes confidence and energy. What woman (or man) wouldn’t want to have a dose of this? This Girl Can is a great tag line – both a challenge and a rallying cry.
  • It’s brave. Having worked at Sport England for three years as Head of Marketing, I know how hard it is to persuade the myriad of stakeholders that spending taxpayers money on advertising is worthwhile. This, despite the obvious success of other social cause campaigns such as those that have helped people to give up smoking and drive more responsibly. Congratulations to Sport England Chief Exec Jennie Price, for pointing out that there’s not a lot of point in investing in facilities if no ones comes to use them.

Now then. What about the men?

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