Fostering the Feelgood Factor

TimpsonsEvery now and again, something catches your eye and you find yourself nodding your head in approval, if not admiration. This particular A board placed outside a west country store by Timpsons – hithero known primarily to the Awaken team for their key cutting services – hits the nail on the head. It’s brilliant marketing for a number of reasons:

* It’s aimed at a very specific target audience that everyone will sympathise with: the unemployed.
* But it’s not just a sympathy gesture. It’s one that says “hey, let us help you change your situation.”
* It’s not offering a reduced price in return for this help. We want to help for nothing.
* It bring to your attention a service you may not even have known that Timpsons offer.

Super simple. Super powerful. I know where I want to take my dry cleaning in future.

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