Everyone should do a spot of active cause marketing

Event marketing

And here’s why: cause marketing can bring you really close to customers. Yes, it’s remarkable what you learn about your customers just from approaching their house armed with a bunch of leaflets in your hand…

The Awaken team has been out and about delivering leaflets to promote the forthcoming fireworks event in Tring, as part of a pro bono service to the local cricket club. The event accounts for 10% of the club’s total annual revenues, so it needs to go with a bang – in a good way.

In truth it’s a great marketing exercise that fully utilises fully extended mix, that students of the discipline will be familiar with:

Product: In need of an overhaul due to dwindling attendances, the show is now much more than just about the spectacular fireworks. Thanks to the loan of lorry with drop down sides, we will be showcasing a wonderful array of local talent from choirs to young Tring bands such as Blind Summit, In General and The Reverie. There will also be a great selection of food on offer along with a more than welcoming beer tent for the grown ups and a carousel for the youngsters.

Place: The event itself takes place in the spacious grounds of the cricket club which can comfortably accommodate 3,000 people. Last year, for the first time ever, 300 advance discounted family tickets were sold via partner retailers dotted around the town. The exercise has been repeated this year with the addition of an online shop via the Facebook page.

Price: Adults £6, Children U16 4, Families £16….but £13 if you buy in advance.

Promotion: Facebook – it really does work for local events. Plus posters, leaflet drops, partner emails and  a bloody big banner outside the local Tesco. As a friend commented earlier this week – “you don’t need to worry about awareness”.

People: The event wouldn’t be possible without an awesome team of volunteers who simply want to make a contribution to the sustainability of a wonderful facility that serves the local community. It’s not the same as running a business – lots of begging for favours – but weirdly just as rewarding.

Process: Just one: the right people in the right place at the right times. Planning is everything and if it all comes together, 3000 people will have a great time on Saturday November 8. There’s just one thing not in our control. Please let the weather be kind.

Physical evidence: Smiles on customer’s faces, happy sponsors, vivid colours, pats on back…and back the next morning to clear up all the rubbish.

Now, can I face any more of those horrible letterboxes? You know, the ones with the brushes behind them that snag you on the knuckles – not nice!


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