Monthly Archives: November 2014

The power of PR

Something very exciting happened a week ago last Sunday as a consequence of a PR opportunity superbly executed by the Airkix Indoor Skydiving team in Manchester. Back in May, the team took a call from the production company behind Guy Martin’s Channel 4 programme speed. Fast forward to November 9 and Guy Martin is seen visiting…

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Two years old

Someone once said to me that you haven’t made it in business until you are two years old. Well I’m not sure we’ve made it, but we are two years old. It’s a nice feeling. A very different feeling from when we first started out. Anyone who’s set up a business will know how scary those…

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Marketing sport – plenty of proof points

Nick is looking forward to presenting at a Skills Active workshop at the Oval on Thursday to an audience of Sport Makers; individuals who are active in helping promote sports participation in one form or another. Sports marketing is close to our hearts at Awaken Communications and there is no shortage of proof points as to…

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